Urdu language training can be considered
a subcontinent language. The Urdu is a relatively
new language and has some kind of Arabic,
Persian, English, Portuguese, Hindi, Sanskrit,
Turkish and Ind-European languages. Urdu is
one of the official languages ​​of India and the
official language of Pakistan. In terms of speech,
he does not differ much from Hindi and has taken
his command of Hindi. Indian Bali videos are made

in Urdu. But the text is completely different from the
Hindi. Urdu line taken from Arabic. An interesting
point is the number of more than one million speakers
in the Urdu language, which is one of the five
languages ​​of the world. By learning this language,
it’s easy to connect with people in Pakistan and in
large parts of India, studying and enjoying Bali
Wood videos in the main language


Urdu language training

Urdu language The national language of Pakistan
and in India there are 23 official languages, most
of which are Hindi Urdu. Although this language is
mostly Hindu, there are two different dialects. And
this language is mostly spoken in North India and

Urdu language training

In terms of the number of dialects of Urdu is the
20th language of the world. It is a family of Indo-
Aryan languages ​​and is relatively close to the Persian
genealogy. The Hindi and Urdu languages ​​are in fact
Hindi (Hindi-Urdu) dialects. The dialect is from the
Pakistani language with the Arabic script written in
Persian and Arabic with specialist and literary
vocabulary. Hindi is a dialect in India It is used to
write a Devanagari line and selects the Sanskrit

language in the choice of specialized and literary
vocabulary. It is the fourth language in terms of
dialect. And mother tongue is less than eight
percent of Pakistan’s people. But ninety percent
of the people in Pakistan They speak and

speak the language

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