Suicide attack in Kabul Places in Kabul in Kabul result in an infiltration incident in one seat of

the Holy Spirit in Afghanistan. 50 people were killed and 88 others wounded.

Najib Danish, Sakhangi Ministry of Interior / Teen Afghanistan will talk

to the BBC if the time of self-determination occurs in the hallmarks of

Aaroshi Orangi and Munsar. If there is a spiritual breakthrough from

Hazrat Mohammad, Pamber Islam, Darwinists, you are welcome.

The locations where the illiteracy of Kabul is reported by the injured

. Arthritis has already been declared 43 people declared.

The Government of Afghanistan also announced Friday morning’s


Suicide attack in Kabul

mourning General Television.

Hamla Attahari near the Palace of Business Studies Summit Afghanistan
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Seat Arabistan: Taliban should continue to discuss Afghanistan

Haroon Chakhswari, Sakhangi President, is a comprehensive

account of the Republic of Afghanistan, if Ashraf Ghani An-Hamla’s

“brave” literacy and Afghan culture represented Afghanistan in the

context of diplomatic and semi-extremism.

Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan, has also

been convicted of an attack by Anne Durban in Paris.

An attack on you will be an unknown attack.

Suicide attack in Kabul

Aerospace ores in Darbaban-e-Farah-ye-Malmal, Kabul,

almost every night, aerospace is green and light green.

I was talking about the limit at the limit of thousands of people.

“The TV series” Kabul will also be issued by Ministry of Interior

, if it is injured by 24 people.

در نتيجه يك انفجار در يك نشست عالمان دين در هوتل عروسی اورانس در جاده

ميدان هوايى كابل تا كنون بيش از ۱۰۰ زخمى و ۵۰ كشته به شفاخانه ها انتقال شده است.

رییس جمهور اشرف غنی به خاطر حمله شام دیروز در مراسم تجلیل از میلادالنبی در کابل امروز

۳۰ عقرب را ماتم ملی اعلام کرد. هارون چخانسوری سخنگور رییس جمهور می‌گوید امروز

بیرق افغانستان در سراسر کشور و در نمایندگی‌های سیاسی آن به حالت نیمه افراشته در آورده خواهد شد.