Pashto Language Learning Pashto (to Pashto: ) is the name
of one of the two official languages ​​(= official) in Ariana
(= Afghanistan) and of the Persian language branch of
the eastern province (= Northeast). Its speakers are dark
Pashtuns and live in Pakistan, Ariana and India.
The Pashtu language is located in the northern parts of

the country of Ariana and sparsely populated in the northwestern
part of the country, in the West Bank (= Northwest), as well as
in parts of India where Pashtuns live (= presence). Roag
(= common). A group of supporters live in Balochistan and
sometime in Chitral and Kashmir. Some also live along the

borders of Iran and Afghanistan

However, the Persian Dari and Arabic languages ​​(= Irbi) have
penetrated (= infiltrated) in this language, Pashto has many
features (= characteristics) of gorge (= original) of Iranian
languages ​​and has different dialects, such as Vaziri, Afrari ,
Peshawar, Kandahari, Golzha, Benouchi and others.

Pashto Language Learning

In the original Ariana’s (= constitution) constitution, both
the Persian language of the country, namely the Persian
Dari and Pashtu, have been accepted into the Pyramid
(= the title) of the patriotic languages ​​(= national).

The number of Pashto speakers in Aryana is low or in the
order of eight million, in Pakistan, at least seven million
and in Iran is low and more than 50 thousand.

Pashto Language Learning

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