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This paper tries to explain how monographs are
written in a fundamentally sound way for dear readers
. We have to go one step further:
In the first step, it is important to have a 4 –
And select 2.5 cm to the right, and leave the blank 2.5 cm
to the left, and 2.5 to the top left, since it’s possible to create
a header and lower the bottom 2 cm.
1- Monogram Cover:
* University logo
* University name
* Faculty Name
* A monographer to get a bachelor’s degree and …
* The topic of the monograph is to be written in bold
* Supervisor
* researcher

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* Years when the monograph is written like (autumn

Note: It should be noted that the volume of the

should be designed in a diamond, not square.

2- In the second page, you must write the Bismillah or
Al-Rahim or write the Bismillah as a liqueur.
3- The third volume is dedicated to the letter of the gift,
written by a written letter written in short and meaningful
texts, such as the writing of sentences given to the mother
or the father.

4. On the fourth page, the list of contents is included,
though if your monograph contains several chapters, it
should be listed in the table of contents for each chapter.
5. On the fifth page of the abstract, you need to remember

that the abstract is written in the past and appears in the
first. The abstract should not be more than one page,
and in the abstract, the extra words should be 100%.
6. Introduction. On the next page, an introduction should
be included.

Note: From the second page (Bismillah) to the prefix,
the numbering can not be in numbers, but must be
written in Latin letters or A, B, C, so that every letter
that comes is not difficult.

Chapter One: General Research
In general, the following should be written in the

3. Monograph Free download over 1200This

paper tries to explain how monographs arewritten


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