German language video tutorial is a European language
used mostly in central Europe. This language
is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland
, northern Italy and Liechtenstein. This language is
also one of the official languages ​​(but not the majority

language) in Luxembourg and Belgium. The German
originally has similarities and close proximity to Dutch
and English languages.

German language video tutorial is

German is one of the main languages ​​of the world
and native speakers of over 95 million people worldwide
. German is the native language most widely spoken
in the European Union, as well as the third language
taught in the United States (after Spanish and French)
and the European Union (after English and French).

German is the second largest scientific language in
the world due to the number of articles written and
the third most commonly used language in the Internet
(after English and Russian). In terms of the number
of books published in the year, German also has the

5th place in the world.

The root of most German-language words goes
back to the Ind-European languages. A bunch of
words in this language have Roman or Greek origins
, and fewer are derived from French or English.
German is also famous for its dialects and dialects.

If you are interested in learning German, you can
get help from the German language training website.
Learn German German language video tutorial

Is the German language video tutorial

This is largely dependent on the current state of your
knowledge. If you have a good English-speaking language
(and compared to other languages ​​in the world), it’s
difficult to speak German. Of course, the German-
by adding a reflexive pronoun to a verb. These verbs are not
equivalent in Persian and English.

to the Chinese, the two German and Persian languages
​​are comparatively similar.

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