Foreign Forces War in Afghanistan The United States will not win the war in Afghanistan

only the way out of the current Afghan war is to

give the government the former mujaheddin

Foreign Forces War in Afghanistan paert1

We have two important elections: parliamentary
elections and presidential elections. Despite its
weaknesses, the parliament is an important
institution to exert pressure on the government.
Hence, parliamentarians should enter a parliament
that believes in accountability and pressure on the

government. Representatives who did not serve the
people in the past, who at all times were thinking of
gaining pride in the government or participating in
illegal and corrupt activities, should not vote for the
people in parliament

Foreign Forces War in Afghanistan

The same is true of the presidential election. The
national unity government should give its place to
a legitimate government with efficient leaders.
Neither Ashraf Ghani nor Abdullah deserve to
be reelected to the presidency or the executive
branch. A new generation of politicians should be
replaced by them. I say this because in the democracies


what has changed in the general state? How much
does the “Sixteen Hours of the President’s Work”
have made people’s hopes for the future strong?

The security situation has not improved on any
indicator, and the Taliban have expanded their
influence over Afghanistan’s villages, especially in
the Pashtun areas, against Karzai’s time. Although,
according to Ministry of Defense figures, 500 Afghan

soldiers were killed in a month, killing more
than the Taliban, but despite all its sacrifices
, the war is in a state of deadlock, there is no prospect
of victory over the Taliban, and all government efforts
to Peace talks have not reached a conclusion.

Corruption and insecurity have paralyzed Afghan
security forces. The changes made by the government
have not resulted in any result. The Taliban managed
to topple the two major cities of Afghanistan three
times. If the deadly attacks were not foreign air
forces, it is likely that the revolts of the cities of
Kunduz and Ghazni would last for weeks.

Foreign Forces War in Afghanistan

Economically, unemployment and general poverty
have not been reduced due to the security situation
. Mr. Ghani has created the illusion over the past four
years that the opening of large projects such as the
Salma rule and the transfer of Turkmen energy to
Pakistan and India will bring about changes in the


economic situation of the people. He even
promised people to turn Afghanistan into a
regional center for trade and trade. Because, it is
believed that a project such as TAPI could lead Afghanistan


The fact is that Ashraf Ghani has sold the development
and development projects to the people as a political
commodity and exaggerated their importance and
implementation. For example, Salma’s clause was
far less effective than its capacity and political
propaganda for which it was. The issue of water
repression, which Ashraf Ghani had turned into

Foreign Forces War in Afghanistan

elections and tone in a structure that limited his



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