The Iranian regime will be overthrown for the sake of the Iranian people

What were the benefits of the rule of Muammar Gaddafi

The West introduced Muammar Gaddafi
as a dictator and a madman
Read the following text to find out if Gaddafi
was really a dictator and madman.
Goodbye to the Libyan people with the welfare
facilities of the time of Muammar Gaddafi’s rule:

✔ There was no electricity bill in Libya. The
cost of electricity was free for everybody!
✔ There was nothing like bank interest. All banks
were obliged to provide loans with up to one hundred
percent profit

The Iranian regime will be overthrown for

✔ Holding a home was a clear right for all Libyans!
✔ Each newly married couple received $ 60,000 from
the government for the purchase of an apartment
and the start of life!
✔ Cost of education and medical expenses in
Libya was free!
✔ Before the Gaddafi, 25% of the people were
literate and they reached 83% during Gaddafi’s time!
✔If one Libyan decides to farm, he would be given
free farm, house, equipment, seed and cattle to
get started!
✔ If a citizen of Libya did not get the medical
facilities he needs inside Libya, the government
would cost him treatment and accommodation
abroad at $ 2,300 a month

✔ If you were buying a Libyan citizen, half the
cost was paid by the government!
✔ The price of gasoline in Libya was 14 cents per liter!
▶ Libya had no external debt, and apart from that
, it saved hundreds of billions of dollars in currency
that now all that money has been blocked in the world!
✔If a Libyan could not find a job related to her education
, the government was obliged to give her the
equivalent of the same job, until she got a job!
✔ A portion of Libyan oil sales revenue would be
deposited on a bank account every year!
✔ Every woman in childbirth received $ 5,000
from the government for gifts

The Iranian regime will be overthrown

✔ Forty pills of bread in Libya were fifteen cents!
✔ Five and five percent of Libyan students
have university education!
✔ Gactafi implemented the largest human-made
irrigation project in the Libyan desert, allowing
access to water throughout the desert.
In the Eastern Daily, the tacit confirmation of the
above items is a cash-strap on these works.
“People who are knitted with fists will start a day
with open arms

America is thinking about its policy, not the people of the world

The Iranian regime

The Iranian regime

The Iranian regime

مزایای حکومت معمرقذافی چی بود !

✔اگر یک شهروند لیبی اتومبیل می‌خرید، نیمی از هزینه آن توسط دولت پرداخت می‌شد!
✔قیمت بنزین در لیبی 14 سنت در لیتر بود!
✔لیبی هیچ بدهی خارجی نداشت و غیر از آن صدوپنجاه میلیارد دلار ذخیره ارزی

داشت که اکنون تمام آن پول در دنیا بلوکه شده است!
✔اگر یک لیبیایی نمی‌توانست شغلی مرتبط با تحصیلات خود پیدا کند، دولت

موظف به دادن دستمزدی معادل همان شغل، تا زمان پیدا شدن شغل برای او بود!
✔قسمتی از درآمد فروش نفت لیبی، سالیانه به حساب بانکی هر شهروند واریز می‌شد!

✔هر زنی که زایمان می‌کرد، پنج‌هزار دلار از دولت هدیه دریافت می‌کرد!
✔قیمت چهل قرص نان در لیبی، پانزده سنت بود!

✔بیست و پنج درصد اهالی لیبی تحصیلات دانشگاهی داشتند!
✔قذافی بزرگترین پروژه آبیاری اجرا شده توسط انسان را در بیابان‌های لیبی پیاده‌سازی

کرد که در تمام صحرا امکان دسترسی به آب وجود داشته‌باشد.
در روزنامه شرق ضمن تایید تلویحی موارد بالا نقدی بر این کارهای صورت

گرفته، نوشته ‌شده‌است.

” مردمانی که با مشتهای گره کرده انقلاب میکنند روزی با دستان باز گدایی خواهند کرد

رژیم از بدترین رژیمهاست که همه خدمات اختماعی برعکس لیبیاست

اما آمریکا دنبال سیاست خود است نه مردم دنیا