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Islamic Revolutionary Guard IRGC Armed Conflict at

the Iran-Pakistan border
The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
reportedly arrested an armed conflict on the
Iranian-Pakistani border, killing and injuring several people.

On Friday, Sept. 6 (September 28th), the
Public Relations Department of the Quds
Force of the Revolutionary Guard Corps said in
a statement that between the members of the
camp and “a global terrorist group affiliated with the
arrogance of the world” there were conflicts in the
Saravan border area, during which four The
attackers were killed and two of them were injured

Islamic Revolutionary Guard

The announcement said that the Revolutionary
Guard forces had entered operations after
“knowing precisely the intention of these people
to attack border posts from the territory of the
neighboring country” and that gunmen fell into
the squadron near the checkpoint of 163 border
regions. According to the announcement, the
rest of the invaders “fled to the depths of the
neighboring country

Islamic Revolutionary Guard

According to the Revolutionary Guard, the
insurgents did not incur any casualties during the
operation, and quantities of weapons and ammunition
were obtained from the attackers.

A look at Iran’s security incidents over the past
three decades

At least 9 Iranian border guards were killed in
Sistan and Baluchistan

Islamic Revolutionary Guard

Two Basijis were killed during a clash in Korin, Zahedan

Victims of Iranshahr rape: We have been kidnapped by uniforms

The city of Saravan is located on the border with
Sistan and Balustrade province of Pakistan.

Parts of the province of Sistan and Baluchistan
, especially the border areas, have witnessed the
armed activity of various groups in recent years

Islamic Revolutionary Guard

, some of which have sought to protect and defend
the rights of the Baruch minority against the central
government. There are also drug and drug trafficking
groups in the area.

Sistan and Baluchistan province is economically
less developed in Iran, and its inhabitants are faced
with major economic and environmental problems

Some opponents of the Islamic Republic believe that
the central government does not pay enough attention
to the province due to sectarian issues.

Officials of the Islamic Republic have accused armed
opposition of foreign affiliation and released reports of
detention, trial and execution of individuals charged with
supporting or affiliated with them.

Islamic Revolutionary Guard

The government’s security authorities in Iran have
said that armed opposition groups have taken refuge
in Pakistan, and that they have developed their own
operations in the country with local support, and they

will be operating in Iran. They have sometimes blamed
Pakistani government and security agencies for their
opposition to these people and called for their decisive action.

Balochistan, Pakistan is the site of the extremist
Pakistani groups, including Islamists and Baloch
separatists, and has repeatedly witnessed violent
and violent operations of these groups


Islamic Revolutionary Guard

سپاه پاسداران جمهوری اسلامی از درگیری مسلحانه
در مرز ایران و پاکستان و کشته و زخمی شدن چند نفر خبر داده است.

روز جمعه، ۶ مهر (۲۸ سپتامبر)، روابط عمومی قرارگاه
قدس نیروی زمینی سپاه پاسداران در اطلاعیه‌ ای گفت

که بین نفرات این قرارگاه و “یک تیم تروریستی وابسته به استکبار
جهانی” در منطقه مرزی سراوان درگیری روی داده و در
جریان آن چهار تن از مهاجمان کشته و دو تن از آنها زخمی شده‌اند.

در این اطلاعیه آمده است که نیروهای سپاه پاسداران پس
از “کسب اطلاعات دقیق قصد این افراد برای حمله به پاسگاه‌های
مرزی از خاک کشور همجوار” وارد عملیات شدند و

افراد مسلح در نزدیکی پاسگاه ۱۶۳ منطقه مرزی در کمین
نیروهای خودی افتادند. براساس
این اطلاعیه، بقیه مهاجمان “به عمق کشور همجوار گریختند.”

به گفته سپاه پاسداران، در این عملیات نیروهای خودی متحمل تلفاتی
نشدند و مقادیری سلاح و مهمات از مهاجمان به دست آمد.