Knee treatment Back pain in the bone was discovered
Scientists at the Canadian Grain Research Institute
The Krembil Research Institute has discovered a
new therapeutic approach that can improve the knee
and spine arthritis.

The study, led by Dr. Mohit Kapoor, director of the
University Health Network (UHN)’s Arthritis Research
Directorate, said the results of this study are very
important because no There was no cure for arthritis.
Current treatments for osteoarthritis reduce symptoms,
such as pain, but can not cure or prevent the progression
of the disease, Dr. Kapoor adds

Knee treatment Back pain in the bone was discovered

But the treatment we have discovered stops the knee
and spinal joint completely in general.
In research, scientists use animal and human specimens,
markers or molecules called
The microRNA-181a-5p, which is believed to be
responsible for the degradation and evacuation of bone collagen.

In addition, the team also conducted experiments on
animal specimens using the cells and tissues of patients
at the Toronto Western Hospital, who suffered from
knee and spinal arthritis

Knee treatment Back pain in the bone was discovered

“Although our research is in the early stages, it is
a big step on this pathway (arthritis treatment),” said Dr.
Raja Rampersaud, a spine surgeon and a
colleague of Dr. Kapoor.

If we can make a healthy and safe injection for patients,
we can say that from now on, the condition (treatment)
for patients with osteoarthritis changes.

The next steps for the research team include
starting safety studies, determining the appropriate
dosage, and determining the appropriate method
for direct blocking of the knee and spine.
Arthritis is the most common type of inflammation in the
joints and currently affects about 5 million Canadians

Knee treatment Back pain in the bone was discovered

This painful inflammation causes swelling and disorder
of the joints and is usually higher in the area of ​​the
hands, knees, hips and spines.

The three factors of overweight, age and joint
damage are the most important cause of arthritis.

The most common pain is arthritis in the knee,
pelvis, spine and hands.

The results of this research are published in the journal
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, titled:
microRNA-181a-5p, antisense oligonucleotides,
attenuate osteoarthritis in facet and knee joints

Knee treatment Back pain in the bone was discovered

Funded by the Toronto General and Western
Hospital Foundation and the Canadian Institutes
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