Hebrew Language Learning along side Arabic
is one of two official languages ​​in Israel, while
Hebrew Torah is used for religious affairs and
the study of Jewish communities. Ancient Hebrew
is also used as the religious language of the
Samaritans. As a foreign language, Hebrew is
often studied by Jews and scholars of Israel
and Judaism, archaeologists, linguistic experts
in the Middle East, and theologians of Christian history.

The Torah of the first five books, and many
other parts of the Hebrew scripture, was written
in Hebrew, most of which is written in a letter
written by scholars who believed that, at about
the time of the sixth century BC, the Jews were

used in Babylon .
In today’s world, the advancement and
development of different dimensions are
considered by nations, and communications
of the kind of global success code
Human beings, the subject of communication
, more than any other matter to consider, is language.
The language of the first bridge focuses on the
relationship between different nations and the
most effective means of communicating with
science, culture, knowledge and
A step towards familiarity with the various
aspects of a nation
Hebrew Language Learning


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