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Saffron or Zerupran is a herbaceous name of
the herb and, apart from the main uses of the
herb, it is also used in the treatment and use
of medicinal products. Part of the saffron plant
that is used is a colorful orange-colored bean
that is in the flower of saffron.
Today saffron is used for many uses, which is
mostly edible, and it is used for the color and
aroma of saffron in making syrups, decorating
rice and … many other things. Saffron has a
high price for other foods.
Saffron properties
High nutritional value

Afghanistan saffron send to worldwide is

This valuable herb has a high nutritional value
and is effective in the treatment of many diseases
. Saffron is used to reduce blood lipids and
blood cholesterol. Saffron is a natural sedative
that causes appetite.

It prevents many diseases such as heart
disease and cancers. Saffron is also used to
enhance memory and is a good option to
lower blood pressure. We will look at the
properties of saffron in your counterpart.
The health and beauty of the skin

Afghanistan saffron send to worldwide the

One of the properties of saffron is that it can
be useful for removing stains on the face
and wrinkling the skin. To use this property,
saffron should be provided with a natural
mask and put on your skin.
Honey Properties for Smooth Skin and
Fixing Wrinkles
Honey Properties for Smooth Skin and
Fixing Wrinkles
Honey wax also has many benefits that
one of the most important benefits of
making it refreshing and refreshing

Afghanistan saffron send to worldwide an

For this purpose, add some powdered saffron,
plus 3 teaspoons of milk, and apply the resulting
mixture gently to the skin and massage it well into
the skin. Then let it stay on skin for 15 minutes,
then rinse it with lukewarm water.
Prevention of depression

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