Black water Corporation rents Afghanistan war
The Black water Water Company, with a private network
, said that after six months, the Black water Corporation
will join its special forces with Afghan forces and will
be prosecuted by the Black water troops, and that control
of all equipment for food and medicine will be handled by
Black water soldiers will be
The founder and former owner of the Black water security
company, Eric Prince, is trying to persuade the US president
Donald Trump to build US-led warfare in Afghanistan and take
responsibility for US-led security firms. On the other hand,
mines are extracted from that country

Black water Corporation rents Afghanistan war

But Mr Trump said in an interview with Reuters that
“I will not investigate Eric Prince’s plan.”
Eric Prince enjoys the influence of the White Palace.
He is a friend of Stephen Benon, a former adviser to
the President of the United States, and his sister
, Betsy Davos, is the Minister of Education for President Tramp.
The anniversary of the Turkmen strategy in Afghanistan
President Trump’s remarks on Afghanistan have taken
place when a new US strategy for South Asia and
Afghanistan goes through a year

Black water Corporation rents Afghanistan war

Although a number of US troops have grown under
the new US strategy in Afghanistan, the security
situation in that country has deteriorated, and even the
Taliban have been able to invade major cities in Afghanistan.
In the last case, the Taliban attacked Ghazni about two
weeks ago, killing and wounding hundreds of civilians.
The president of the United States also said in a
statement that he personally monitored the Middle
East, but insisted that the United States should never
be involved in the Middle East conflict.

Mr. Tramp added that “we should never be involved in
the Middle East. This was one of the biggest mistakes in
our country’s history.”
Mr Prince believes that the Afghan insecurity problem
can end with the privatization of the war in Afghanistan.

He says Afghanistan is a very beautiful place and there
are many other great things that can be done instead of the war

شرکت بلک واتر جنګ افغانستان را اجاره میکند
ریس شرکت بلک واتر با یک شبکه خصوصی ګفت که بعد از شش
ماه شرکت بلک واتر نیروهای ویژه خود را با نیروهای افغان یکجا خواهد
کرد و اګر کدام جرمی توسط سربازان بلک واتر انجام شود توسط
افغانستان محاکمه خواهد شد وکنترول تمام تجهیزات غذا دارو و مهمات
توسط سربازان بلک واتر خواهد شد